Air date: July 6, 2002

Production Code: 101

Episode SummaryEdit

The series begins with Zack and his sister in Zack's room, where they discover that she has lost five of the Shapies and doesn't know where they are.

When they leave, an elderly man on the door blows on the toy box, which awakes Bob Oblong (voice of Tony Bellette), Paul The Ball (voice of Jane U'Brien), Sarah Circle (voice of Joey Moore), Rex The Rectangle (U'Brien), and Sally Cylinder (Moore).

Paul finds Gossip the Clock (voice of Tony Bellette) who tells him about Zack and the other humans. Sally discovers Mirror Man (voice of Tony Bellette), who tells her to find her friends and bring them back to him. Bob, Sarah and Rex meet Dizzy the cop top, who tells them to clean up.

Sarah finds dinosaur pieces and builds all the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs come to life and corner Sally.They discover a dinosaur world beneath the bed and find Tammy Triangle ( U'Brien).

Meanwhile, Toot the Train (voice of Tony Bellette) gets the remaining Shapies to Dinosaur World. Tammy gets her dinosaur friends to get her friends back home, where they meet Mirror Man, who gets them back into the toy box—until tomorrow that is.

Songs: Sally Cylinder, Sarah Circle, Rex The Rectangle


  • This is the first episode to feature Sally, Sarah and Rex's songs.
  • Sally is the first girl and first Shapie overall to sing their song.
  • Sarah is the first girl to sing her song second.
  • Rex is the first guy overall to sing his song, and the first one to sing third.
  • This is the first episode where Sally's song is in an episode with Sarah and Rex's songs. This is also the first episode where Sarah's song is in an episode with Rex's song.
  • Tammy is the first girl and first Shapie to be found (she was found in Dinosaur World).
  • Paul's voice is higher only in this episode.
  • Zack's sister, Lauren, is revealed to be the owner of the Shapies before Zack.
  • This is the only episode in Season 1 where Rex's song is sung without Sammy's song in the episode as well.
  • Paul the Ball rides in Toot the Train with the other Shapies, but when the train re-emerges into Zac's bedroom, Paul is there to greet them.
  • This marks the first appearances of Toot the Train, Dizzy the Cop Top, Uppity and Snooty, Mirror Man, Fair Bear, Gossip the Clock, and T-Rex.
  • The other songs in this episode include "Toot the Train" and "Dinosaur Thump".